Tallinn, Estonia

Do you want to become a lightworker and learn a long lost method of spiritual healing and cleansing?

These weekend courses are for those who follow the path of heart. You are already familiar with the basics – reincarnation, karma, chakras, etc – but are still looking for satisfying answers to your questions. You wish to learn more and get to know the secrets of the universe – information that has been hard to access for millennia.

Seer Juha Korhonen aka J. Riverhill shares his knowledge and experience of spiritual consulting and working with the energies of the universe. During this series of weekend courses, you will find yourself growing and becoming more conscious on and of all the levels of existence. The objective is to learn the spiritual basics of awareness, creating, helping, and channeling. Upon learning these things by heart and overcoming your personal obstacles to spiritual development, a new life as a positive person, who sees him/herself as a beautiful spiritual being and realizes his/her true potential, can begin.

To become a lightworker, you must first help yourself, and this starts with understanding and acceptance

The courses are held in English, Estonian, and Finnish, and they are offered on four weekends:
During this time, you have the chance to learn:
– To listen to your higher self,
– To break karmic bonds,
– To open your heart to Love and to receive Love, so you can live your daily life with heart – consciousness,
– To observe your environment with higher love and understanding,
– To channel healing Christ energy and work together with Cosmic Christ,
– To free yourself and others from negative, harmful energies,
– To clear out curses, evil eyes and negative persons/creatures/entities, and
– To understand the true value of forgiveness.

Time, venue, and price:
150€ per weekend for employed,
100€ per weekend for unemployed, students, and pensioners
Venue to be announced.
The classes take place 10:00-16:00 each day.
For questions and enrollment, please send us an email at:  walmariproductions@gmail.com

Spiritual readings in Estonia

For questions and enrollment, please send us an email at:  walmariproductions@gmail.com

Prices in Estonia:


  • 45 min / 50 €
  • 60 min / 70 €

The topics for each course include:

1. Enlightenment and I  (13.-14.4.2019)

  • What is Enlightenment? And how to find the Right Path
  • Discovering and getting to know your True Self
  • The Three Lessons
  • Father and Mother image
  • Lightworker Ethics
  • Our Spiritual Evolution
  • Unconditional Love’s Learning Path for Guides
  • Higher Communication, Finding Answers

2. Introduction to Spirituality (22.-23.6.19)

  • Different Energies in the Universe
  • Feeling, Measuring, and Identifying Different Energies
  • Diseases and Karma
  • Obstacles to Spiritual Development – How to recognize and overcome them
  • Negative Creatures and Entities
  • Curses and Evil Eyes
  • Acts to Increase Spiritual Power
  • Neutralizing Negative Energies (+ exercises)

3. Obstacles to Spiritual Development (14.-15.9.19)

  • Feminine and Masculine Energies
  • Physical Bodies and Spiritual Anatomy
  • Diseases – Root Causes and Treatment
  • Maintaining a Good Health
  • Consulting Your Own Diseases
  • Spiritual and Physical Balance
  • Understanding Fear and Refuge
  • Spiritual Practises and Advice for Everyday Life
  • The Power of Your Mind

4. Healing and Recovery (16.-17.11.19)

  • Tools for Healing
  • Recovery – What does it take?
  • The Healing Power of Water and Rocks
  • Your Blind Spots
  • Clearing Difficult Energies
  • Self-Help
  • Healing Energy (+ exercises)
  • Final Exam