Spiritual readings & energy healing

During my healings and consultations, you are free to ask questions or request help in any given matter. You can think of questions that you wish to receive help with beforehand. The spiritual healing or consultation can be given on the phone, in person, or on Skype.

Challenges in Everyday life and in Spiritual Development

I will examine your possible karma, lessons, and the obstacles in your spiritual development. I will help you forgive the things that you have not yet been able to let go of. I will help you transform hate into joy and love.

Karma and Relationships

Usually all of us have problems with relationships at least at some point in our lives. Their root causes might be relationships and events from our past lives that have been so significant that they have stayed in our cell memory. Everybody has (had) karma that is born when someone is wronged and the wrongdoer is not forgiven. I will help you break this kind of karmic bonds. Thus the Law of Unconditional Love will come into force and replace the Law of Karma.

Chakra readings

Chakras, the energy centers of the etheric body, tell us everything about our actions, thoughts, and sufferings. Their colors can be interpreted to reveal all the thoughts and experiences that are important in our lives. They have the answers to many things that puzzle us.

Guides and angels

Usually each of us has at least three spirit guides. I can tell you about your guides, communicate with them, and help you to start a conversation with them by yourself. When you listen to your spirit guides, they can guide you in finding your life mission and your true self and offer their help in everyday tasks.

Energy Healing

I channel the healing and purifying energy of Unconditional Love. This energy can be harnessed to remove blockages in our energy channels and bodies. The energy healing of Unconditional Love gives you refreshment and exuberance. During an energy healing, your lifeforce field and vibration are raised to the maximum. Your spiritual and physical nutrient supplies are filled.