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Second Ray – Love and Wisdom

Text: J. Riverhill

Translation into English: Kati Mäkelä

Second Ray – Love and Wisdom


This time we move on to discuss the second ray whose contribution is profound as it deals with matters on the Christ level. What is in question here is finding wisdom and tranquility in ourselves. I will also tell you about three keys related to this ray and to our spiritual development which we can use to access wisdom that has long been hidden from us. The second ray manifests pure unconditional love which we unanimously chose as our development path already before humankind had a physical form. It is the second ray that guides you to the source of your own divinity and brings your true essence into its full bloom. Some spiritual teachers have understood this development path a little differently and are still advocating mental development. However, overemphasizing our mental side leads us away from the will of Unconditional Love which we should be listening to in order to develop ourselves. Even though not everyone has understood the role of the heart’s path, it will become clear to everyone sooner or later as they go on with their life lessons.

When learning the lessons of the first initiation, you inevitably come across the teachings of the second ray. The first key to our spiritual development is the ability to love and to learn to receive love. In practice this means creating a love relationship with yourself and with other people and beings. This is called oneness: individuals joining together in spirit and in matter.

Understanding oneness is the foundation of all development.

Without feedback from other people and from our environment, we cannot evolve or see our own flaws. So on our initiation path we always need to remember to be humble enough to receive feedback. Gather from it the pointers that further your development and forgive yourself for the things you haven’t previously been able to see.

Once you’ve learned to love yourself and to forgive yourself for your mistakes, you have gone far on your spiritual path. The second key to our development is thus self-mercy. The wisdom of Unconditional Love teaches us to see through the veil of illusion. I recommend you examine your life and go through all the realizations that you’ve had during it; are they surely the truth, or are they truths according to someone else? Only through love can you see what is true. So make a conscious decision to join the flow of love. Love guides you and me towards reality. The truth is NOW. So how can you connect yourself with this love and wisdom in practice? Briefly said: be consciously present in this moment and let your thinking and your awareness descend into your heart. In this way, love becomes realized in you and you are connected with the heart wisdom that will lead you towards fundamental truths. Your awareness might grow even rapidly as the continuous mental appraising, criticizing and weighing abate and you are able to hear the silent voice of your heart.

Listening to your inner voice is the third key to your development. At first, the voice is quiet and easily overshadowed by your big, boisterous ego. Give your inner voice lots of time and space. Once you get better at listening to it intently, you’ll also be able to understand more. With practice, the voice can become so clear that you hear it whenever you’re in need advice. This will bring to you the ability of clairaudience (see The Golden Book of Humanity, 2018).

The second ray is led by the archangels Christine and Jofiel. The masters of the ray are Debra and Lanto. Their task is to radiate the awareness of Unconditional Love into humanity’s consciousness. You can ask these angels and masters to help you find love and wisdom into your life, for example like this: “I am love and I ask you, master Lanto: bring wisdom into my heart by helping me hear the silent message of my inner voice”. When you will to live in the awareness of Unconditional Love, you are simultaneously connected with the will of Unconditional Love.

By loving and receiving love, by being merciful to yourself, and by listening to the voice of your heart, your wisdom will grow, and you will be able to fulfill your life purpose.

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