My Book

The Golden book of humanity

This book was written to you who wish to expand your consciousness and to connect yourself with the awareness of Unconditional Love. This book will guide you towards your Highest Self and your Divine Spark. At the same time it will help you to listen to your inner being which will reveal to you things such as your life purpose and the true gifts that you are carrying for this lifetime, among others.

The shift in the collective consciousness that took place in December 2012 allowed the previous structure of seven rays to transform into a structure of twelve. This has been the greatest spiritual advancement in human evolution thus far. On a social level this change manifested as an increase of knowledge as previously hidden issues were brought to light. On an individual level the change resulted in more and more people becoming interested in spirituality. Meanwhile, a large number people were enlightened as their development accelerated exponentially. However, the change has been extremely challenging as the old laws, standards, and models are no longer valid. All of us will need to find in ourselves the truth which will lead us to the golden era. Fortunately, the knowledge that will make our living in this new consciousness easier is already being channeled to us.

In your hands you have a spiritual workbook which you can use to reach towards your enlightenment and mastery. With it you receive a box full of practical tools to help you tackle the challenges in your daily life as well as those on your spiritual path.

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