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First Ray – Will and Truth

Text: J. Riverhill

Translation into English: Kati Mäkelä


First Ray – Will and Truth


The purpose of this ray is to serve as a source of inspiration and love for those who are leading souls. They might be leaders of nations, spiritual teachers, school teachers, counselors, or people in other positions of responsibility. Masters guide the people of this ray to grow in their leadership and in their responsibility for the people who they hold the power to guide or instruct. The people of this ray have charisma, responsibility, and leadership – in the best case, all of these. None of our talents or gifts came to being by accident or coincidence. Many of the people of the first ray are not aware of their belonging to this ray, in which case their gift might be realized only in their inner circle.

It should be kept in mind that we can also manifest several other rays, the maximum number currently being six. However, this shouldn’t be read as “quantity over quality”. Through our highest self we all have one major ray that we manifest. It is the skill that we have been born to hone during our incarnations. Once we become angels we will manifest this ray in its entire glory.

The leaders of the first ray of will and truth are the archangels Faith and Michael, and its masters are Miriam and Hercules. Together they bring to us trust and power without a match. Faith is the loyalty and trust in the power of Unconditional Love. She can give you faith when your trust in life is greatly challenged. She is a faithful and reliable co-worker. If your purpose is to help others to trust life and its ability to carry them, Faith will support you there. So please ask her to come along in doing good. Michael is an angel who finished his human development already two humanities ago. His proceeding on his path was exceptionally quick. By his 20th human life, he had awakened spiritually, and during his 30th human life he became enlightened. His power has been exceptional from the very beginning of his development. Michael brings to this ray power and will to be in the consciousness of Unconditional Love.

Miriam is one of the power figures of humanity. She incarnated already on Atlantis as a priestess and later in Egypt in several different incarnations, the most well known of which being Cleopatra. After her time in Egypt, she incarnated thrice in a row as the oracle of Delphi. Later she has incarnated as the healer Hildegard of Bingen, as the already mentioned H.P. Blavatsky, and as Martta Horjander who worked in Finland for the society of Ihmisyyden Tunnustajat (engl. transl. “The Followers of Humanity”). She has an amazing ability to guide others to act according to the will of Unconditional Love. Hercules has been a mythical master since the dawn of humanity. On Atlantis he served mainly as their national guardian angel. After the destruction of Atlantis,, he had an initiation temple named after him in Galicia, Northern Spain, which was once known as Harbor of Heracles (Hercules). His powers are also known in Greek mythology, which takes us all the way to Poseidon (see above). Hercules gives the people of this ray understanding of wise leadership and allegiance to the work that they are devoted to.

Ask one of these leading figures of the first ray to help you find your own power, leadership, and trust in life. We all need to find the responsibility for ourselves and for all the beings around us. Responsibility for other beings means service and assistance.

With the help of the first ray, all of us can find our inner power and self-confidence. The powers of this ray are especially influential in the three lower chakras that manifest themselves as feelings of basic security, self-confidence, self-respect, and self-image. An additional task of this ray is to be found as the guiding principle for those striving for their own leadership.

We must understand the meaning of service in order to take enough responsibility for our own lives.


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