Earth Ascension 2018

Text: J. Riverhill

Translation into English: Kati Mäkelä


As many of us have already noticed, this spring has brought with it some very special energies. We are living in momentous times. Even though we might at times feel that everything around us is disappearing and all of this is beyond us, we must simply trust that all the things taking place in this time are appropriate and purposeful. In this article I aim to explain and discuss the quality of the time at hand and what kind of special meaning it has for humankind and the entire planet.

The world that we live in is constantly evolving. The only constant for us is change. But now we are about to face a change greater than perhaps ever in our history. We as individuals – and thus the whole humankind – are going to go through a significant change of energy level. The same wave of change is also hitting the animal kingdom. What does this change mean and what are its consequences?

The transformation that started in February 2018 takes place in vibration, in the motion of the universe, and all of us are going to feel it in our bodies. Some might find it scary to feel the change “in their skin” in this time when media is spreading fear of war, illness, and mass migration on a nearly daily basis.  However, these fears are steering us to the wrong direction, for we should see the bigger change behind it all – the change that is going to take us towards life as light beings. At the same time, our life as human beings is starting to near its end.

During the previous great transformation in 2012, the level of human consciousness was raised by one dimension, so at least from the third dimension to the fourth as some of us were already in higher dimensions than these. Meanwhile, in the Earth’s energy structure began a change from seven rays to twelve. Despite all this, what we felt back then was not nearly as perceptible as the change happening now. Now the level of our consciousness is being raised from the fourth dimension to the fifth. This will enable the awakening of our higher senses. As the rate of our vibration increases, so change the structures of our physical bodies as well as those of the planet Earth. This will have an impact on our psyche as it gradually opens our mind and heightens our consciousness in an unprecedented way.

Whenever something this significant happens in us internally, it always comes with an external manifestation. All the changes in the history of our humanity have also, without exception, resulted in turmoil. The last time the world was radically changed in 2012, the crisis in Ukraine and other great unrest followed, which let loose a massive stream of refugees and asylum seekers throughout Europe. These events were bursts in the lower collective consciousness as well as a counterreaction to Earth’s rising vibration. Every time we raise Earth’s vibration, there is going to be a response from the lower energy, the so-called counterforce. The counterforce is rooted in Unconditional Love, too, even though it is still extremely hard for us to understand it in this consciousness. This is due to us having lived in a strongly dualistic world, and now its strength is being decreased more rapidly than ever. Despite all this, we can keep expecting counterreactions of some kind.

What could this counterreaction look like, then? Previously they have always come in the form of war and destruction. This time, the changes are almost entirely internal – we will go through heavy changes in our emotional landscape. Many of us have already cleansed and defragmented our inner emotional landscape, but unfortunately this is still undone for most of humankind. Therefore, the counterreaction this time comes mainly from within us where our lower selves (mind, ego, and persona) won’t necessarily accept the process of change just like that – the change of vibration that will quickly and inevitably result in our abandoning duality. Abandoning duality means that we silence our mind and create in our consciousness a oneness with all the kingdoms of creation.

All the changes that Unconditional Love guides us to make revolutionize our ego’s understanding of the world all the while causing opposition within ourselves. It is up to us whether to follow the fears of our ego or to trust the guidance of Love. Even though everything we have learned and familiarized ourselves with has changed several times during our lives, we must once again take a huge leap in our development. So don’t be at loggerheads with this change but embrace the loving energy and open your heart and lower self to receive it without conditions. As the rate of vibration rises, all our deepest emotions begin to come to the surface. Many people don’t realize that the most difficult feelings and lessons dwelling within us will not come up before our vibration is high enough.

The exposal of underbellies and wrongdoings that started already in the 2010s will increase manifold. For example, the often-defamed Trump administration has stopped protecting criminals in high positions. More pedophiles and sexual abusers have begun to be brought to book. This trajectory will soon hit the entire world like a wave. Meanwhile, the bullied and the violated have had the courage to let their voices be heard; for example, many athletes have come to public to reveal the abuse by the coaches of their youth. Among the first ones was the Canadian hockey player Theoren Fleury who revealed the sexual abuse he and many other boys suffered from their junior coach. Several white-collar criminals have been investigated, and the connections to tax havens have finally started to be revealed in Finland also. Along with this, the world’s economy will soon be in better hands; however, many people still want to hold on to market economy – an idea that is coming to its end very soon. Market economy is hanging by an artificially maintained thread. A revolution in our economic system is inevitable, but it is going to cause heavy opposition from the ruling elite. The old idea of a free market and ever-growing economy is a beautiful illusion that the world has started to grow out of in a harsh way.

We now need each other more than ever; we need each other as peer supporters and helpers. The last decades have been a time of individualism for humanity: the change started in the 1990s when a sense of community was mainly lost. We had to focus on our own development, on becoming independent and strong within ourselves. This development decreased our dependence on our families, nations, and pretty much other people too. This was an important phase of development as it allowed us to learn to stand on our own feet and become more independent. But now it is more important than ever to see us as humanity and a collective unit. Only by loving each other, treating each other as equals, sharing what we have with others, and accepting everyone as they are can we change the world together. Unconditional Love is guiding us towards this with a steady hand.

Until now, we have been all about me, for me, and now. Now it is time for us to be all about for us, so that we benefit, for us, so that we can help, and for us, so that we ascend – and can help each other to ascend!

What does this all mean in our everyday life, then? Every day we should spare at least one moment for listening to our inner truth. It would be beneficial for us to find a suitable spiritual exercise. Without one we lose our sense of reality and start running around in circles in our day-to-day life. Regardless of what it consists of, it can separate and isolate us from light and love. Our lower self is especially cunning in this, for it can make us concentrate on our ego in a blink of an eye. It can make us forget our true self and thus the reality that is in the now-moment – right within our reach. It is our living in the past (”This is how it’s always been done…”) and in the future (“In the future, the world will be a better place, all you need to do is hold out and hang tough…”) what makes us stray from the right path. These are the kind of beliefs that we keep repeating to ourselves, wondering why we aren’t making any progress in our development and in our lives.

We should open our eyes to see that we already have what we are reaching for if we surrender to the moment and give life with our words and thoughts to high, lifting energy. Everything in our world changes with the help of our thinking – therefore we can shape our future all by ourselves. We can start taking responsibility and turn our life into a paradise – or hell; the choice is made in every moment. Nobody can create our life events for us. Even today people are calling me and asking me to reveal their future to them. Telling one’s fortune is a disservice to a person who has not yet realized that they are the master of their own life. In this time, it is important that everybody understand this. That is the only way we can shape something different out of our lives – not only as individuals but as a collective. Each of us must begin to take responsibility for the soul’s development. Before we reach the enlightenment, we are irresponsible, so to say. Only once we become conscious can we truly be responsible for ourselves. What is the greatest responsibility, then? Our greatest responsibility is that we start opening to the events of our past incarnations and our own creations, since only once these experiences have the permission to come to us to be cleared can we love and accept them. Only by loving, forgiving, and accepting we are free from the errors of our past and eventually from all the veils of illusion.

Where in us are these old matters hiding then? They are stuck in our cell memory and in the deep chambers of our heart. So give yourself the permission to start disentangling your old creations – in other words, simply love them until they are good. For your own sake, you must forgive those who have offended you without forgetting to ask for forgiveness from those whom you have offended. Many people always ask me how to open themselves. How to access the old and new obstacles in our development? The answer is all too simple for us to grasp, but by trying the following command we can notice something happening. So say aloud:

“I want to be free from my false beliefs and the obstacles in my development, and I allow this to happen NOW! Let this be done in a pace that my mind can process! So be it!”

For the animal kingdom, this change means turning into a human kingdom. The change that begun in the past decades resulted in individualized animals instead of a collective soul system. Because of this, some individualized animals have begun to evolve more quickly than others, and accordingly to our spiritual evolution, they have been born on Earth as humans. For those of you interested in the subject, I recommend reading my book The Golden Book of Humanity (Korhonen 2014, soon to be published in English) for more information about the evolution of different kingdoms of creation. During the next hundred years, each kingdom of creation is going to take a step in their evolution process: the stone kingdom becomes a plant kingdom, the plant kingdom becomes an animal kingdom, the animal kingdom becomes a human kingdom, and the human kingdom becomes an angel kingdom. This evolution is ongoing, and the evolution of other kingdoms of creation is accelerating in a tremendous way. This means that the present animal kingdom will turn into a human kingdom very soon. This humanity and the future plant kingdom will continue their journey onto the constellation of Ursa Major and onto the planet 12 where they will serve as the new root for the next humankind.

A huge portal has opened beside our planet Earth, and the entirety of Earth and our whole solar system floated through it during February 2018. Our passage through this portal started a process in us that will raise our consciousness to the fifth dimension. The things that I have described earlier must happen within us soon, for only those of us who have the will and desire to rise to the fifth dimension (the difference between the two is that willing is a conscious act, desiring is wishing) will go on living on our familiar planet Earth. The soul’s will and desire are enough, even if the person himself remains unaware of it. Our soul and higher self guide our development, and even if we ourselves haven’t yet woken up to consciously want to live in Love, it was planned before the beginning of our present life. Those who have the will to join in will certainly make it to the fifth dimension with us and continue with the creation of golden Earth and new, golden humanity. This so-called Earth ascension will come with great openings and outbursts also within us. It is time to change our direction now! We will also begin to shape our entire solar system with our thoughts, and eventually it, too, will have a golden shape.

Great changes will also test us as nations. More and more nations are going to desire even stronger independency as their national spirit grows. This would be a result of new energies with a higher frequency being poured upon Earth. The number of new types of spiritual and religious orientations is also going to go up with its wake. With time, a collective religion or a similar spiritual movement is going to be born in Finland. This new spiritual orientation which will be introduced to all humankind is already in preparation. It will emerge when humankind is ready for it, in other words when our consciousness rises to the sixth dimension. This might be ahead of us already in ten years as our consciousness is evolving at such a tremendous speed.

Our life on the new, higher vibrating Earth is going to change in many ways. For example, as the counterforce weakens, the number of negative beings will plummet until they disappear. Beings that are joining the counterforce are just now being transported onto Ursa Major. Secondly, as our consciousness heightens, the number of enlightened will start to multiply. Now as I write this there are almost 290 million of them already, which is an incredible portion of a people of 7.5 billion. The moment is very near when media begins to talk more openly about enlightened and initiated people who are willing to come out to public. In the very near future, the appreciation of intellectual things and science will decrease, and the appreciation of the matters of heart and love, on the other hand, is going to increase. From now on, the guidance of love is going to have a much stronger effect than ever before in our history. In the following decades, many ascended masters will step forward in a human form and begin to steer us towards ever higher levels of consciousness. Seers and interpreters of consciousness are going to radically increase in numbers, and their appreciation will rise to the level of the ancient times. This is a result of millions of people not receiving enough help and finding explanations for their ever-more complicated experiences and illnesses. This, too, drives us to look for answers from within as well as from new methods of treatment. Meanwhile, we learn to listen to our bodies in a whole different way.

Each of our new experiences for their part will lead us towards self-realization, and clairvoyance and intuition will be the abilities of more and more people. The ability to affect physical events will also awaken for many. Additionally, the ability to heal humans and animals will become available to all of us. Because of the Earth’s weakened gravity, many of us will be able to levitate more effortlessly than today. Many things that we couldn’t even dream of will suddenly be possible.

So don’t be afraid of this change but accept and receive it with confidence. The people willing to make the change and open their heart to this transformation are going to enjoy Earth’s wonderful, loving energies which we can create together. So be willing to join in and have the chance to experience a whole new, wonderful planet Earth and its energies!

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