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Ascended masters and the Twelve Rays

Text: J.  Riverhill

Translation into English: Kati Mäkelä

Ascended Masters and the Twelve Rays

This is an article series about the twelve rays. These rays are will and truth; love and wisdom; higher wisdom and communication; sacred geometry and harmony; concrete knowledge and spiritual science; devotion and acceptance; order and ceremonies; purification; joy; light body; service and gratitude, and the golden ray. These rays are the creative forces of Unconditional Love that manifest in both spirit and matter. I will describe each of the rays and their special features and how they manifest in the universe and in each of us. Before introducing the first ray, I will briefly tell you about ascended masters in the light of history and today.

Ascended Masters

The ascended masters have been with us throughout the ages, guiding our individual and collective passage as humanity from our spiritual childhood to our youth and now towards adulthood. In Lemuria the masters helped humanity at taking baby steps. Back in those days, humanity had only two senses: hearing and feeling. Seeing happened through the third eye, and we were still mostly living in our etheric bodies. The physical body was just beginning to take form, which is why it was etheric and thin. Feeling the body was still similar to that of animals. Humans were also guided by their instincts and urges alone.

Only after being born on Atlantis did we become self-conscious beings. We received two more senses: taste and seeing. During the beginning times of Atlantis, we were living the first golden age of humanity. People lived in peace and happiness. Masters were guiding their students in public, being present in the everyday life of us all. In those days there were only three kings on Atlantis; they were called Nemex, Fulx, and Hermex. They were ascended masters who led their people with wisdom and love.

Today, Nemex is an unknown master who hasn’t incarnated amongst humanity for more than a few times after Atlantis. He is better known as his incarnation as Zarathustra in Persia. The Chaldeans also got their share of his wisdom when he incarnated there as Babylon, a wise man who lived a short life teaching ancient wisdom to the people.

Fulx was later known as Lanto (not to be confused with a ray master called Lanto), a student of Serapis Bay and a wise teacher in the East. The masters tell us that Fulx has taught all the masters that have ascended from humanity. However, it was his destiny to commit the sin of pride. For some reason, a weak spot was found in him after thousands of years of teaching. However, he learned his lesson. Today, Lanto belongs to the kingdom of national guardian angels. He is about to become the new national guardian angel of Russia and will start in this position in 2023.

Hermex or Hermes has been influential in many cultures and peoples over times. In Egypt, he was known as Thot, and in the Nordic cultures he was known as Thor. In Poseidon (an ancient civilisation that lived on an island near The Canary Islands beside Africa in 3000-4000 BCE) and in its dependency, Greece, he was regarded as a mythical symbol of wisdom. He served as the national guardian angel of the Greeks for a long time. Today, Hermes is helping the former world teacher Maitreya at leading humanity onto the heart’s path.

Humanity has always been helped by masters, but it was only about a thousand years ago when humans started to ascend beside them as our development started to bear fruit. Hilarion was one of the first members of humanity to reach full mastery in 1000 BCE. Afterwards, the feminine pioneers Lady Quan Yin, Lady Porthia, and Lady Nada, among others, became masters. Jesus, who was one of Mahavatar Babaji disciples as Sananda, reached his mastery two thousand years ago.

The first master to become known in the Western world went by the name of Count Roziky, and since the beginning of the 21st century he has been known as Mister R. This child of a Hungarian noble family of the 14th century became a solitary world traveller. During his travels he found a teacher who revealed to him the great secrets of spirituality. Reportedly, he had studied under Serapis Bay in Egypt, under Baji in the Himalayas, and under the teacher Lanto in Tibet. Having received this teaching, he reached mastery very soon.

After his becoming a master, people in Europe started to call him Saint Germain, by which name he was known for centuries. He was famous in many courts, teaching the heart’s wisdom and astrology to both peasants and nobles from Casanova to Da Vinci. In the 14th century Germany, Mister R appeared as Christian Rosenkreutz. He is also the teacher of my own master, Pekka Ervast (Master Elias). Today, Mister R is the lord of civilizations and guides the development of nations from the Christ level of the spiritual world.

The masters were not publicly spoken of before the 19th century when Helena Petrovna Blavátsky described, for the first time in public, how the masters Morya and Koot Hoomi (as they were called back then) appeared to her and asked her to tell about the existence of masters in public media such as the New York Daily Telegraph. After this, El Morya and his student Koot Hoomi encouraged Blavatsky to establish the International Theosophical Society. Blavatsky was assisted by the former army general Henry Steel Olcott, and together they succeeded in spreading the message of theosophy all over the world. Blavatsky authored the famous books “The Secret Doctrine” and “Isis Unveiled”, among others.

After this, in the 20th century, several new organizations inspired by the theosophical wave were born. This wave gave birth, for example, to anthroposophy by Rudolf Steiner in Germany and Summit Lighthouse channelled by Marc and Clare Prophet in the US. In Finland, the Theosophical Society, Christosophy, and a local variant of the Rosicrucian Fellowship (Ruusuristi) were brought through Pekka Ervast. After these pioneers, a new generation has spoken about the masters, the loudest members being Alice A. Bailey, Benjamin Creme, and Asger Lorentsen. In Finland, some of the people who have spoken about them in recent years have been Erkki Lehtiranta, Saku Mättö, Jukka Hirvonsalo, and Seppo Ilkka. The new masters that ascended from humanity in the 20th century are H.P. Blavatsky, Rudolf Steiner (now called Lorenz), Pekka Ervast (as Master Elias), and Marie de Sivers (Rowena and Paramahansa Yogananda).

About 250 masters in total have arisen from humanity. Altogether, there are over 2000 masters helping us. Many of the aforementioned masters, together with several others, form the inner government of Earth, which I am going to talk about next. The inner government of Earth has been constructed within the twelve rays in a hierarchy where every master has his own important purpose. In this article series, I am going to discuss the masters of the twelve rays and the purpose of each ray on Earth in detail.

The Inner Government of Earth

The sisterhood and brotherhood that constitutes of the masters and guides humanity has organized into the inner government of Earth led by Buddha (incarnated as Gautama Buddha). Buddha is the inner governor of Earth. He is responsible for the cycles of developmental phases in which divine sparks develop from the stone kingdom to plant kingdom, from plant kingdom to animal kingdom, and finally from animal kingdom to kingdom of humans. When humanity reaches ascension at the end of this evolution – when humanity becomes a kingdom of angels – we fulfill the purpose of our development. This evolutionary progression includes seven humanities, and seven Earths will be born for them. During this kind of evolutionary cycle, our humanity has therefore evolved from stone kingdom to human kingdom. In theosophy, these cycles of evolution are called the Days of Creation or manvantara. The name manvantara derives from Manu was a world teacher in India. He taught people about the days of creation and their chains in the development of our humanity. Now we are living the fourth day of creation, which means that we are halfway through our evolution, which in turn is when our evolution starts to accelerate. The evolution of the new animal kingdom to the next human kingdom will be much faster than our own because our humanity has taken great spiritual steps. The animal kingdom that has lived beside us has been able to absorb valuable information and understanding of human life throughout their whole evolution.

The inner government of Earth is responsible for the evolution of all the kingdoms of creation. Today, it is also the purpose of Master Koot Hoomi, our world teacher, to lead the human evolution. Koot Hoomi is the first world teacher to have ascended from humanity. This is seen as a remarkable culmination point in the human evolution because now humanity is in charge of its own development. The world teacher, together with Buddha, the inner governor of the Earth, decides on different actions needed to intervene with the development and doings of humanity. They are assisted by the masters Mister R, El Morya, Väinämöinen, and Jesus. Jesus is guiding the actions of all the rays. El Morya, for his part, is guiding the actions of world leaders towards the will of Unconditional Love, and Väinämöinen is guiding the minds of nations through the national guardian angels. They are helped by the twelve masters of the rays who are guiding both people and societies in their lives to find ever deeper love and wisdom on the emotional level. Their task is not an easy one, for humanity has technically free will, which makes it quite a challenge.

The “technicality” of our free will comes from the fact that it has been restricted or loosened according to how we have behaved as humanity. Today, we are kept on quite a short leash. This is mostly due to Russia’s increased control in matters. Now El Morya and Mister R, with the help of Väinämöinen, have approached Merkel, Holland, and Obama to get Russia under control. When negotiations for peace were taking place in Ukraine, the national spirits of all the neighboring countries such as Finland, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, as well as the United States, France and Germany, were there as well. So the masters are always present during trying times when different nations buff out their karma. However, there is never a time when we are alone or abandoned here on the outskirts of the galaxy.

The last time when humankind really worked on its karma was during the Korean war. After that, the world was in a static cold war that kept everyone in a balance of terror. When the cold war came to its end with the disintegration of the Soviet Union, the world became a bit more peaceful and everything was going to a better direction. Our will was freer, and we had the chance to guide our own actions. But once Russia backpedaled and gave up the agreed plan for humanity, the masters took a tighter grip on our reins. However, at the same time we humans are waking up to realize the uselessness and stupidity of warfare – neither do we, as humanity, condone violence anymore.

It is our shared responsibility to create peace in all situations and circumstances.

Surely, our humanity is being guided in many other ways as well. Wise teachers are born amongst us every now and then to show us new, higher ways of thinking and acting that are applicable to the current moment. They inspire and develop us individuals and as societies towards unconditional service and sharing. These teachers are often supported by masters wanting to help humankind. Scientists are a special focus for them right now. Master Hilarion is a good example as he guides researchers all over the world in their search for free energy and in other scientific advancements. The motive behind harnessing free energy is to have renewable and free power that brings abundance to all and gives everyone equal possibilities of satisfying their basic needs. After this, commercial trade will no longer be needed, and everybody will be equal economically, socially, and culturally.

Additionally, the masters appear to their students and spiritually awakened people to inspire them in art, poetry, and writing as well as in spiritual epiphanies. They are also inspiring the future spiritual leaders of humanity and guiding them on their spiritual paths.

We are already living in a much different collective atmosphere where humanity is taking responsibility in many areas. We do not desire war anymore but peace and love instead. We already want to develop as individuals and to rise towards brilliance. In the coming years, we are going to see many new spiritual movements and other social movements for peace and love. For now is time for peace and love.

A new spiritual wave has already begun, and this wave will hit humanity in an unprecedented way.


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