Earth Ascension 2018

Text: J. Riverhill Translation into English: Kati Mäkelä   As many of us have already noticed, this spring has brought with it some very special energies. We are living in momentous times. Even though we might at times feel that everything around us is disappearing and all of this is beyond us, we must simply […]

Ascended masters and the Twelve Rays

Text: J.  Riverhill Translation into English: Kati Mäkelä Ascended Masters and the Twelve Rays This is an article series about the twelve rays. These rays are will and truth; love and wisdom; higher wisdom and communication; sacred geometry and harmony; concrete knowledge and spiritual science; devotion and acceptance; order and ceremonies; purification; joy; light body; […]

The Tale of a Twin Flame

Writer: J. Riverhill ”Once upon a time, there was a twin flame” is how many stories begin – and so does this one. A surprising number of spiritually oriented people have tried to find their twin flame, their so-called “twin soul”. It has even become a phenomenon of sorts which every now and then rises […]