I am J. Riverhill

I have always wanted to unearth the truth about myself and the world. I have studied and observed my development and that of humankind from the perspective of spirit and matter for almost thirty years. I have walked my path with determination and tried several different spiritual orientations. I have lead group healing sessions in Jyväskylä and been one of the founding members of the School of the Golden Sphere in 2006. With time, my interest in spiritual matters became a way of life. I strive to develop myself as a person and as a spiritual being. In my life, I want to Be the One that I Am: to be happy, to create words of love and light around me, and to serve humanity and Unconditional Love. 
As a seer I give spiritual readings, energy healing, and lectures, arrange workshops and training, and guide people forward on their spiritual path. I share my experiences and new realizations in columns, articles, and books.